Agreement to Participate

I agree to be involved in the consultations for the NDIS Emergency and Disaster Management project with Kaleidoscope Focus.

This will mean that:

  • I will take part in one Zoom group session with up to seven other NDIS providers. The session will go for approximately 1 hour (to be scheduled for 75 minutes).
  • The session will be about my organisation’s experiences in emergencies and disasters, like fires, floods and the Covid pandemic, and how my organisation plans to meet new regulatory requirements in this area.
  • Michelle Dodd from Kaleidoscope Focus will be leading the meetings. There will also be a note taker.
  • The Zoom session will not be video recorded, however, a transcript (recording of words) of the discussion will be saved. No one’s names or personal details will be used from the transcript.
  • The information from the consultation will be used in a report to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission that will recommend the types of resources that may assist NDIS Providers comply with the NDIS Practice Standards relating to Emergency and Disaster Management.
  • Before and after the meeting I can contact Michelle Dodd from Kaleidoscope Focus to ask any questions or raise any concerns.
  • I have read this form and I understand it, or someone has read it to me and explained it.

I agree to take part in this consultation with Kaleidoscope Focus.