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A “spring clean” is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a home. It’s a way of dealing with clutter that builds up over time without us noticing. Spring cleaning refreshes, tidies, and organises the space we live in.

A team spring clean does the same thing. It finds the things in plain view, as well as what might be hidden; things that prevent your team from working as well as it could. Spring cleaning reenergises and refocuses how your team works together to achieve its goals.


Over recent times, changes to our working environments mean we are doing things differently. Whole lines of management are gone. Teams are dispersed. People work remotely. We expect more from ourselves and others, sometimes without making sure we have the right mindset to do the work needed.

Working life has gotten a whole lot messier. By committing to a team spring clean you can: declutter; develop ways to get – and stay – on top of the work; and find a fresh, more successful way forward together.

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We acknowledge the professional and the person that turns up to work every day. Both are needed to do the challenging work.

We will tailor the spring clean for your team. We don’t take a standard approach to every organisation.

We will roll up our sleeves and work with you. We identify what’s working, and help you clear out what isn’t.

So how do we “spring clean”?

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We will help you decide whether you need a deep clean or just a tidy-up by:

  • Understanding the working environment and what the priorities are.

  • Defining what success looks like and what it will take to achieve it.

  • Finding the clutter by looking at what’s working and what’s not working.

  • Understanding individual and collective strengths and challenges.

  • Agreeing on the steps needed to move the team forward.


We will roll up our sleeves, bring out the brooms, and work with you to:

  • Look at what motivates and drives the team through a values, skill, and experience stocktake.

  • Model how to use collective strengths to work in a different way, and problem-solve more effectively.

  • Build a consultative approach in the team, to work in a way that makes people feel valued.

  • Build resilience by sitting with uncertainties and complexity, and learn to be more comfortable with this.

  • Learn how to use both sides of your brain – the emotion and the logic – to work smarter, more courageously, and with more heart.

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