Green Cube


Individuals who want to develop themselves as managers and leaders of their organisation by way of self-reflection, sharing expertise and new ideas, and driving constructive action.

Understand your professional self, and what motivates and sustains you.

Develop how you work with other people and howto get the most from your team/s.

Learn how to maintain your wellbeing and support yourteam/s during periods of change.


Across a 10-month period we will come together for five 5-hour workshops.

During these workshops you will:

Green Cube

Learn about yourself and learn about your role in the organisation through reflective practice.
So that you: Become a more effective leader.

Reflect on your personal, professional and organisational values, and recognise what motivates you.
So that you: Drive value-based practice with your team/s.

Red Cube

Understand the connection between listening and effective leadership to further develop your communication skills.
So that you: Become a more fluid and effective communicator with people in all areas of your organisation.

Develop how you work with others within and across teams.
So that you: Can more effectively navigate and problem solve during times of change.

Pale Blue Cube
Pink Cube

Explore individual and sustainable strategies for self-care.
So that you: Enjoy your work more and be able to support your staff to develop their own strategies

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