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Kaleidoscope Focus

Kaleidoscope Focus: bringing together
ever-moving parts in ever-changing environments
to provide clarity, cohesion, and positive outcomes
through reflection, creativity, and action.

Emergency and Disaster Management Support for NDIS providers

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Our Approach

Kaleidoscope Focus takes a straightforward approach to working with complex problems.
We sit with organisations to find creative solutions to challenges they are facing.
We support people to make smarter decisions, take measured risks, and work with compassion.


Use your brain

work smart


Work with courage

take risks


Listen to your heart

be kind

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People Matter at Kaleidoscope Focus

Individual Kaleidoscope

Working with Individuals

We work with individuals to reflect on what they do, connect with their own and their organisation’s values, and learn how to look after themselves. We support people to recognise and make the most of their capacity, and to develop new capabilities.

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Teams Kaleidoscope

Working with Teams

We work with teams to bring people together on a level playing field from which to navigate possibilities, projects, and challenges. We support them to strengthen relationships, build resilience and wellness, and operate more productively.

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Teams Kaleidoscope
Organisations Kaleidoscope

Working with Organisations

We work with organisations to enrich their culture, strengthen their resources, and to ultimately operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. We support them to align their values and actions across the organisational and societal systems within which they operate.

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Who is Kaleidoscope Focus?

Meet the Kaleidoscope Focus Team

Michelle Dodd and Rachel Dickson both run well-established and successful consultancies. With their complementary approaches and skillsets, the move to join forces and create Kaleidoscope Focus was a natural progression. Their collaboration, based on experience, mutual strong values, a passion for music, and a shared sense of humour, all contribute to the success of Kaleidoscope Focus, not only for Michelle and Rachel, but also for the people and organisations they work with. Part of this success includes their Senior Advisors who provide counsel and advice in their fields of expertise.

Michelle Dodd
Michelle Dodd

An excellent communicator and facilitator who leads with integrity and compassion, Michelle connects strategy, culture, and systems to build organisations’ capacities and capabilities to work with purpose, and motivate people to achieve their best.

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Rachel Dickson
Rachel Dickson

Rachel Dickson is an experienced developmental psychologist with more than 20 years’ practise in the human services sector in clinical, training and research fields. She is an advocate of empowering others to navigate life’s challenges with honesty, congruence and self-actualisation.

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Refresh & Reenergise

Kaleidoscope Focus works with people and organisations to rediscover and revitalise their direction.

Who we work with

These organisations are currently or have previously been clients of Kaleidoscope Focus, Michelle Dodd and/or Rachel Dickson.
Kaleidoscope Focus Spinning Disc

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